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Welcome to India Sports Club:

India Sports Club (ISC) is a member of Cricket NSW through Mosaic Cricket Association and is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2002. India Sports Club (ISC) is also a member of United Indian Associations for Community engagement.

India Sports Club membership is open to anyone who loves sports and wants to play in the right spirit.

ISC is mainly involved in the promotion of Sports Activities across Sydney, Australia. ISC’s annual growth is 27% with E-database of 45,000 members and friends.

The Mission of ISC is:

  • To contribute to the process of strengthening the evolving multicultural society of Australia through the medium of Sports;
  • Encourage community for getting involved with various sporting events to help reduce obesity issues;
  • Facilitate the enhancement of sporting links between Australia and the rest of the world in general and the Indian subcontinent in particular;
  • Coordinate and support the exchange of players and coaches between the Indian subcontinent and Australia with the help of sponsoring  organizations.

Achievements of ISC are:

  • Affiliated to Cricket NSW and NSW District Cricket Association in Nov 2006;
  • Semi finalists in debut tournament of NSW District Cricket Association’s Telegraph Shield 06/07;
  • Semi finalist in Cricket Masala 2007 at Bankstown Oval;
  • ISC’s player Jay Poria was selected for Cricket NSW’s under 19 team;
  • Organized the visit of junior cricket team from India in 2007;
  • Has been organizing Badminton and Table Tennis Competitions at Sports Halls of Sydney Olympic Park for last 10 years.
  • Became a member of Mosaic Cricket Association in 2015 which is a Cricket NSW initiative;
  • Started Winter Cricket Competition for the first time in June 2015 which was highly successful and continued in 2016.

Meet the Team


Mr Raj Natarajan


Mr Kiran Desai


Mr Subodh Patil


Cricket Sub-Committee Chair

Mr Vinod Rehan (Laddi)

Badminton Sub-Committee Chair

Hansraj e

Table Tennis Sub-Committee

Mr.Mr Amit Sharma